We’re Arch Sercurities

Over the two decades Arch Securities has built a safer environment and instilled a sense of calm and peace in our clients through our armed* and unarmed guards that are trained to protect their asset at any cost. Being one of the leading private Security Company in Maharashtra and owned the license under the Private Security (Agencies) Regulation Act (PSARA- 2005) besides an affiliate of the Arch Recruiting Solutions Pvt Ltd. We provide Security Services across State of Maharashtra and do man power recruitments Pan Asia at various levels.
An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company in Quality Management System and Registered Training Partner for Physical & Vocational with Royal Institute of Fire and Safety (RIFS). We are an acclaimed company with a reputation for both effective security solutions and the use of innovative technology in the protection of life and property across Maharashtra.
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Clients Served

Our main objectives:

  •  To further develop our portfolio of successful services to meet any new security
    needs of our existing customers, as well as being more attractive for new
    potential customers from our current and any new markets.
  • To achieve customer absolute satisfaction identifying their entire security needs
    setting clear targets and indicators to assess our achievement against customer
  • Our team of employee is our major asset in any such achievement. We must
    motivate, create and preserve a culture of constant learning, innovation and
    continual improvements within the company as well as exemplar leadership.
  • Offer a cost effective services and allowing for reasonable profit that is necessary
    in achieving our goals ensuring the long term quality of services and allowing for
    continuity strategy when necessary.

Our Core Values:

Quality: we are dedicated to deliver service excellence, a philosophy that runs through our
organization from our company management to all of our security officers.
Honesty: At Arch Securities we pride ourselves on our integrity, reliability and dedication.
Respect: Our inner corporate relation between employees and management and our
relation with the public and customer are based on trust and integrity. In order to achieve
this trust we use an approach of mutual respect.
Teamwork: To achieve our objectives and overall mission it is essential for us to have strong
spirit of teamwork. To attain this strength we recruit employees who are team players and
create platform for interchange of information

Our support structure offers the highest levels of specialist support directly employed by
Arch Securities to meet the needs of our customers and employees. We are firmly
committed to the ongoing investment in our support structure and strongly believe that this
will ensure our business meets its commitment for service excellence, profitability and

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